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by on Dec.15, 2010, under Mail Call

Greg, how are you?
I’m doing incredibly well.  Stronger every day.  Batteries are charged and I have a bigger cells size every few days.  I’m very excited to be starting a business that I consider my life’s work.  A synthesis of the skills and dreams I have built.  An extension of the events I have thrown over the last 20 years plus my educational goals.  I’m just finishing up three days in Hanford visiting family and Jeff.  Naps and snacks get me through the day.  I feel ready to go back to work but my doctors advise me that my immune system is immature.  They warned me well in advance that my ambition would return sooner than my immunity.

Specifically, Greg, how is your physical health?
My poops are firming.  This is a move up from the pretty darn soft that they were in the cottage days ago.  I am eating full meals now for breakfast and dinner and snacking midday.  I’m down to one nap a day from several and I can sleep all night but don’t always.  Several nights ago I slept an amazing 11 hours with only rising to go to the bathroom and drink water.  The last two nights I’ve stayed up late playing keyboards in Rock Band and sleeping til 7 or 8.

How is your spiritual health?
I am spiritually alight.  I’m very excited to be free from the hospital, to see my beautiful town and be home with my gal, cat, shower and bed.  My business plans are a constant act of creation and invention.  The turning color of the trees nearly brings me to tears.  And the reunion hugs, well, that’s the best.

What’s the story on this business?
While I haven’t “pulled the trigger” I have interviewed many professional services including law, finance, business to business relationships and space.  I’m researching venues and making a very accurate financial plan.  The business is Stoke The World and we aim to throw events that promote education and community, that employs lots of actors and artists and create a showplace for  beautiful and creative things.

How is your psychological health?
On a scale from -5 (depression) across 0 (balanced) to +5 (manic), I’m a steady +1.  This is a great place for energetic invention while staying grounded.

What are you eating?
Low microbial diet.  Boiled water.  Soups.  Eggs with mushrooms and toast.  Fish with rice and spinach.  Ensure.  Cottage cheese and canned or thick skinned fruit. Avocado.  I can eat in restaurants again and drink regular water starting Friday if my doc gives me the nod.  That’ll be 30 days post transplant.  Even then, certain very old foods and raw foods will be restricted.

What medications are you on?
1.  Acyclovir – 400 mg x 3 per day

Are you using your mask?
Yes.  In crowds such as at the mall or theatre and around anyone known to have a cold or other infection.  I wore it for my visit to Mission Prep on Monday.

I hear you’re spending a lot of money.  What’s the story there?
Yes, I have been spending.  I bought about $2000 in a laptop and accessories (Apple!).  My Dad is chipping in for that.  I bought a laser printer and a few hundred in office supplies to build out my business plan.  I bought eight tickets in advance of a Jon Anderson show in San Luis Obispo and my guests sneakily donated some back.  I bought a couple tanks of gas for the car I borrowed from Zannie.  I bought about thousand in goods from Amazon, books, a mixer (for a sound project), some blinking toys for a dance and some Christmas gifts.
While that’s heavy for any given month of my life, it’s not crazy for Christmas time and a business plan.

What’s next?
A day in SLO.  A trip to the doctor in Stanford.  A few days in SLO.  A tamale feed and Christmas time in Hanford.  Then back to SLO for fun over New Year’s.  I hope I can go back to work by transplant+60 days which is mid January.  Medically, that would be pretty fast so I’m not holding my breath.  I find investors for my business and go great guns.  Changed the face of art in SLO County.  Teach kids.  Good stuff.  2011 looks very exciting.
2 comments for this entry:
  1. Scotty B

    My world is stoked with the news. Keep on healin’ and lovin’.

  2. Catherine Warmerdam

    Hey there! I want to hear more about Stoke the World. I just talked to the organizer of a cool music/art/design/architecture festival that’s becoming a big deal in Sacramento ( and wondered if your ideas bore any resemblance to his, which is, in essence to bring together the creative community to spark more creativity and more community. So, do tell about your plans!

    Stay strong. Keep creating. Keep dreaming.


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