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Macro Cancer

by on Sep.11, 2011, under Extrania

Exxon is simply a symptom, like Enron, or Goldman Sachs, or Monsatan or News Corpse, of the underlying disease-capitalism. If these organisations did not commit their life destroying activities, some other capitalists would. The thing about capitalism that we must fear is it insatiability. No matter what the cost in ‘externalities’ like dead people, extinct species, rapid climate destabilisation or biosphere destruction, if life can be converted into the dead stuff of money, and the amount garnered constantly increased, then there will always be a conscienceless capitalist to push on and do it. A cult where the only value is gain, where all other human impulses are derided and denigrated and their advocates vilified or worse, is exactly akin, I would say, to the neoplasm, that goes on growing and converting living tissue into malignancy and necrosis, until its host, and it, die. And we are at the end-stage of global cachexia, right now, as the human metastases infiltrate every cell of the planet’s being.

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  1. Brian Johns

    Is it really the capitalism? What about the underlying greed?

    Capitalism is just how the greed/desire/drive expresses itself. You could take away the capitalism but there would still be desire to get your share at the expense of everything else.

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