Greg, How Are You?

Wed Oct 14

by on Oct.14, 2010, under The Days

Doctor visit.  Blood pull.  Depending on the scale I’m at .5 or 500 WBC.   Normal is 7 or 7000.  Yes, mask stays on.  What to do?

  • Play rockband
  • Clean out old papers from my filing cabinet, desk
  • Scan old pictures and send to friends
  • Read, read, read, watch, watch
  • Bicycle!  I went to town to buy a card and gift for Dorene’s birthday.
  • Write a vocab quizzer program in the Python programming language
  • Talk to my good man Gizmo, he fixed my bike seat, again
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  1. Zannie

    And play your turn in Scrabble!

    Writing a vocab quizzer program in Python sounds like a good assignment for your programming class. Extra credit if you actually end up using someone’s program.

  2. jen

    June 11

    Oh where has your hair gone?
    Your flowing locks…
    I had really wanted to knit some socks;
    Orange socks for Halloween,
    The brightest ever to be seen.
    Rather than a treat, you got played a trick,
    The cells in your body are making you sick…
    Now you’re poked, prodded, and slurped
    Your freedom to overwork has been usurped.
    You’re wearing a mask-
    Not an easy task, as you look like Vader,
    And I think Dorene won’t even let you eat a tater.
    But don’t despair, there’s hope in the air!
    You’ll be going to Stanford,
    Albeit no Hanford,
    But it’ll have to do, as they’ll make you well,
    And this’ll just be a story that you’ll be asked to tell
    About a time when you weren’t allowed to work.
    But don’t you worry-
    More time with Conti’s a great perk!
    We’ll keep the tech ship afloat,
    Until the return of Captain Greg.
    We may have to use an arm and a leg,
    To plug the holes in this leaky ship
    That has sorely missed it’s beloved skip-
    So speed time along and get healthy,
    Don’t let those bad cells hide, they’re stealthy.
    Get lots of rest,
    Return to us soon.
    We’ve got love and hugs
    That are singing your tune!!

  3. greg

    Oh, I reply,
    a poem so fly,
    I could just DIE!

  4. Carol Iaquinta

    Keeping you in my prayers, Can’t wait to feed you again – Stay strong, do whatever YOU need to do to that end!
    Miss you,

  5. Mail Call - Greg, How Are You?

    […] Jan Thanks for the love y’all.  Nice to hear the kids have me in the prayers.  Jen, what a great poem.  Thank you, slamma. @ Mom Greg owns pj’s? Yep.  For pajama parties.  But never in bed. @ […]

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